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    Mediation provides an effective way to resolve conflict by saving financial and emotional strain which usually plagues the long litigation process in family law cases. This form of alternative dispute resolution allows the Parties an opportunity to come to an agreement outside of the court. This is a very private process where Parties' are given the freedom to explore various possibilities of settlement without the fear of the offers being used against them in court. This avenue often saves time, money, and emotional stress when Parties' are willing to work toward settlement with a reliable Mediator there to support and negotiate as needed.

    Both attorneys are certified to perform mediation services. Should you choose to hire our firm for this process, please contact the office to confirm a date. If mediation is cancelled, we request that both parties contact our office to confirm the cancellation twenty-four (24) hours prior to mediation.

    Mediation fees are based on the sliding scale outlined below and conditioned upon payment in full on the day of mediation. Each party is responsible for one-half of the fee.

    Please contact the firm should you have any questions or would like to schedule a mediation.

    Mediation Rate Sliding Scale:    

    Parties’ Combined Income

    Hourly Rate

    0 to 75,000


    75,001 to 150,000


    150,001 and above